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LET'S GET DOWN TO basics! Recent news reports indicate that education in Utah is struggling with limited money and an abundance of children against a backdrop of dramatic developments in a rapidly changing world.

Providing the basics of a modern education is a very real challenge. Could there be a more critical time for the Deseret News to provide an up-to-the-minute, inexpensive, informative, thought-provoking, reusable and disposable tool for instruction?The Newspaper in Education program at the Deseret News does just that. Its aim is to assist schools, teachers and parents in developing future readers who can use the newspaper to not only enrich their own lives, but also help them participate responsibly in their community, state and nation.

To accomplish this, the program provides a number of services to education in the state, many of which are available only through the Deseret News NIE program. Among these are the annual No Books Day in March, when classroom teachers throughout Utah are provided a curriculum for using the Deseret News as their only text for the day, with as many as 50,000 students participating in 1990; a free weekly NEWSquiz question and activity sheet for both elementary and secondary schools, geared to the Tuesday Deseret News; and the Family Focus program, which encourages families to read and discuss the newspaper together to reinforce reading and communication skills at home.

Originally called "Deseret News for Youth" when the program began more than 10 years ago, the department's name was changed to "DESERET NEWSpaper in Education" in 1989 to better reflect its close association with education and its relationship to other Newspaper in Education efforts across the nation and world. The DNIE program, along with the prestigious Sterling Scholar Awards and the Utah Spelling Bee, exemplifies the Deseret News' commitment to education, literacy, schools and children.

Over the years, the DNIE program has been recognized for outstanding work. On June 1, for example, it was awarded a second-place plaque for excellence in such programs nationwide, in newspapers with 50,000 to 100,000 circulation.

The DNIEdepartment is managed by Carolyn Dickson. Sally Archer and Shirley Jones were former managers of the program. Dickson is assisted by Sherry Madsen as coordinator and Sylvia Orton as office assistant. All three bring a varied background of teaching and community leadership to their positions.



Education services provided by Deseret News NIE program:

- Newspapers delivered to classrooms at special educational rate of only 12 cents each.

- Free elementary or secondary school NEWSquiz question and activity sheet with Tuesday classroom orders.

- Young Ideas Page on Tuesdays, featuring information and activities, plus art or writing submissions from children K-12.

- Free educational sections on vital topics accompany the Deseret News to classrooms on specific dates.

- Training sessions and subject seminars on timely instruction, handouts, newspapers and credit for a minimal fee.

- No Books Day in March with free curriculum materials with the Deseret News for a full day's teaching from the newspaper.

- Family Focus program that encourages families to foster good reading habits and skills by reading and discussing the newspaper together.

- Curriculum materials with ideas, lesson plans and student work sheets for using the newspaper with various age groups and subject areas, available at cost.

- Literacy involvement includes interaction with the state Literacy Coalition and an annual Literacy Day project.

For more information, call 237-2140.


The NIE staff

The three Deseret Newspaper in Education staff members bring varied backgrounds of teaching and community leadership to their positions:

- Carolyn K. Dickson, DNIE program manager, community leader, homemaker, mother, former teacher and state PTA leader.

- Sherry S. Madsen, DNIE program coordinator, homemaker and mother, former teacher, a school board member.

- Sylvia C. Orton, office assistant, mother, community, school and PTA volunteer. Communications worker, 29 years.