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Customer satisfaction is the No. 1 goal of the Newspaper Agency Corp., which circulates the Deseret News each day to homes along the Wasatch Front and throughout Utah.

Steve Gunn, manager of home delivery for NAC, said there are about 1,000 Deseret News carriers who each deliver from 15 to 400 or more papers on 1,300 different routes, most of them in Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties."The Deseret News goes pretty far afield, though. We mail copies to subscribers all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii and Canada and to as far away as Portugal.

"Of our total circulation of more than 62,000, 59,500 copies are delivered to homes and apartments. Our goal is to have 100 percent of those home-delivered papers put right on the porch or next to the front door by January 1993.

"It looks like we will beat that timetable, since by May 1 we were porch delivering the Deseret News to 65 percent of our home-delivery subscribers."

Gunn described the job of getting the paper off the press seven days a week and getting it bundled and into the 40 vehicles that distribute the paper to the various routes as "a gigantic task, but one that we are learning to handle better and better every day."

He said earlier deadlines for Deseret News reporters and photographers and earlier printing schedules have helped get the paper to homes by 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and early in the morning Saturday and Sunday.

"People want their paper consistently on time, and they want it close to their door so they don't have to get dressed to pick it up. We call it underwear delivery. It's what our customers want and what we want to achieve." Gunn said.



What's the NAC?

Salt Lake City's two independently owned daily newspapers enjoy a joint operating agreement that allows separate editorial functions but combines commercial functions for maximum expense control. In 1952, the two newspapers organized the Newspaper Agency Corp. as a separate company to handle all advertising, circulation, and production functions for the two newspapers.