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Dominique Adams, a Provo woman who fled the Philippines before the completion of her gun smuggling trial, is in hiding, her family says.

Adams arrived in the United States Wednesday after spending two secretive weeks attempting to escape and return home with three Americans who want to make her story into a movie.She came to Salt Lake City Thursday, then left with her daughter, Caprice, her father and her stepfather to an undisclosed location.

"I don't even know where she is," said her brother, Steve Adams, Springville. He said she decided to "lay low" for a couple of months out of fear that Philippine officials might come looking for her.

Dominique Adams was arrested Aug. 19 at a Manila airport after customs officials discovered 70 handguns in crates she was carrying marked as auto parts.

During her trial, which began last September, she has maintained she was tricked into transporting the weapons, and U.S. officials have backed her story.