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Juab County Commissioner Richard Brough, who is being sued for defamation of character by Juab County Deputy Sheriff Glen Wilde, has responded to the lawsuit through his attorneys.

The 42-item response counters each of the charges. Wilde claims Brough recklessly and knowingly tried to deprive Wilde of his good name.Wallace said Wilde is a public official and is, therefore, not open to the same rights of privacy as an ordinary citizen. The suit also does not accept Wilde's claim that Brough is being sued as a citizen. In his response, Wallace wrote, Brough was acting as a county commissioner.

On several occasions, Brough called for Wilde to quit his job and also requested that Juab County Sheriff Dave Carter fire Wilde. He wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in which he said Wilde had been dishonest, and at county commission meeting he called for an investigation of Wilde.

Commissioners hired Rhead Richards, a private investigator, to look into allegations made by 32 Eureka residents that Wilde had not be fair in his capacity as deputy and had also been dishonest.

The report has not be publicly released, and Brough said it will be subpoenaed. "One good thing about the suit," said Brough, "is that the Rhead Richards report will finally be released."