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President Bush, marking the tradition of Father's Day, officially designated Sunday as the day to pay tribute to dads and urged all Americans to fly the flag on the occasion.

Issuing an annual proclamation to honor fathers, Bush also called on federal employees to hoist the flag on all federal government buildings and for all Americans to display the flag at their homes "and other suitable places.""Each year, on the third Sunday in June, we pause to honor our fathers and to express our gratitude for their generosity and devotion," Bush proclaimed. "Father's Day is more than a day rich in family love and tradition - it is also a day when we are deeply mindful of the many ways fathers strengthen our communities and nation."

Bush's call to fly the flag on Father's Day, however, comes at the end of a week of renewed posturing over the Stars and Stripes, set off by the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision Monday to strike down a law passed last year by Congress to prohibit desecration of the flag.

Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, backed by Bush, revived what promises to be a devisive drive for a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning and opened an election-year debate over patriotism.