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Talks between the Liberian government and rebels on a cease-fire in the country's 6-month-old civil war broke down Saturday, but both sides have agreed to return to talk again on June 25.

A rebel official Saturday said the breakdown means the war will continue.Both sides said they would return to Liberia to talk with their respective leaders and return to continue talks June 25.

Food aid into the war zone reportedly will continue unhindered.

Negotiators did not immediately specify on what points the talks broke down. But they are reported to have agreed their troops should use restraint, even though fighting will resume.

The rebels reportedly had softened their demand for the immediate resignation of President Samuel Doe.

But on Friday, Liberian Information Minister Emmanuel Bouwier said, "We still haven't decided whether the cease-fire is to come before the substantive talks (on a new government), but that is to be discussed."

The talks, originally scheduled to begin in Freetown last Monday, did not get under way until Tuesday because rebel representatives slowly made their way overland to the Leonian capital.

Negotiators for Doe and rebel leader Charles Taylor talked for five days until the breakdown in discussions late Saturday.

Bouwier's comments were considered significant because Taylor, who is not at the talks, was earlier reported to have become increasingly impatient with the government's refusal to meet his demand that the president and his Cabinet resign. However, Doe has said he would not seek another term as president.

The rebels had hoped to reach an agreement by Friday and believed they had the upper hand in the negotiations, having taken control of half the country.