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- Many artists paint the world around them. A few look into space and paint the galaxies. But Leonard Parkin combines the two.

Gallerygoers who have not already been introduced to his innovative paintings will have a chance to do so from June 22 to July 1 when his paintings will be featured in Park City's Art Masters International Gallery.In the 1960s, Parkin participated in two space shots as an official Navy photographer on the recovery ships. Since then, space has held a special fascination for him.

"The space concept relates to man being very small in comparison to the universe, yet big enough to dream and dare to explore for answers," he said.

In "Summer Days," a little boy lies on his back and floats on a rubber raft. The raft, however, is floating in the heavens among the stars and planets. The water around the raft gives way to the black vastness of space.

Other popular paintings include "Space Race," "Moon Catcher," "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," "Once Upon a Time," "Dandelions" and "A Child's Play."

At least 10 new works by the artist will be introduced at the opening reception on Friday, June 22, from 6-10 p.m. Art Masters Gallery is located at 592 Main St. in Park City. For more information, call 645-8100.

- John McClellan enjoys creating in clay. He has recently completed a series he calls "What's on Your Mind." And it's now being featured in the Works-on-Paper Gallery on the second level of the Springville Museum of Art.

Most of his creations in this show are clay profiles of heads. At first glance, they appear to be a combination of a number of materials. But McClellan tricks the eye with his trompe l'oeil techniques. Most of the objects have been sculpted out of clay.

There are a few exceptions, however. Some of his works contain real screws, bolts, washers and wires.

In "Stop While You're Ahead," red stop signs cover a man's profile. In "Air Head," there is a huge opening with a cloud floating in part of it. With that kind of introduction, you can imagine what "Brainstorm," "Brain Damage" and "Brain Wave" look like.

McClellan works out of his home in American Fork and his studio in Orem. He was formally trained in drawing and painting but turned to ceramics after USU teacher Alan Bennett encouraged him to turn his drawings into clay objects.

His imaginative works will remain at the museum through July 15.

- Utah artist Helen Paul will display her watercolors and discuss different facets of her artistry during two appearances at ZCMI stores this week. On Friday, June 22, Paul will appear at ZCMI's downtown store from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. At the same time on Saturday, June 23, she'l appear at ZCMI's Cottonwood Mall.

Paul is well-known for her use of bold and soft palettes of color within a diverse range of subject matter. Her background in interior design reflects current trends and colors that complement homes from contemporary to country.

- Lectures, workshops, classes, etc.

Sunday, June 17, 3 p.m., Utah Museum of Fine Arts - Talk by Laurence D. Loeb, professor of anthropology at University of Utah, in conjunction with the exhibition of the Jewish Sephardic and Oriental wedding traditions.

Wednesday, June 20, noon, Salt Lake Art Center - Art-lunch lecture by Wendy Ajax, one of the artists being featured in "First Steps" exhibit.

Thursday, June 21, 7:30 p.m., Ballroom, Snowbird Resort's Cliff Lodge - Free slide presentation on "Looking at African Art: Past and Present."

Monday, June 25 - Friday, June 29, Kimball Art Center, 649-8882 - Painting workshop by Carl Purcell on "Painting the Spirit of Park City."

Wednesday, June 27, noon, Salt Lake Art Center, 328-4201 - Art-lunch lecture by Randy Burkes about exhibition "Spouting Off-Teapots."