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- In the past, visual arts have been an integral part of the annual Utah Arts Festival. And this year is no exception. There will be 73 art booths featuring works by local and out-of-state artists and craftsmen. Several art demonstrations will be given daily and an art exhibition will be displayed in the Union Pacific Depot. Five prominent Utah artists will present gallery talks. The theme of the Children's Art Yard will be centered around the theme "Dreams of an Undersea Voyage, The Lost Gardens of Atlantis." Environmental art by Bonnie Sucec will dot the festival site.

- Artists and craftsmen from across the United States will set up art booths on the grounds of the Triad Center. They will display and sell a wide variety of arts, including handmade musical instruments, jewelry, photography, stained glass, furniture, sculptures, hand-painted clothing, paintings, wooden toys, leather - and much more.Seven additional artists have been invited to exhibit in this year's festival. They are Paul Heath (printmaking), Becky Menlove (weaving), Ada Rigby (paper cutouts), Julie Stetzko-Taff (folk art), and Irvin, Lisa and Jacobo Trujillo (weaving).

Booth 53 will feature an artist of the day during the festival. They are Ken Baxter, Rebecca Nielsen, Connie Borup, Joan Reynolds-Cowles and Dorothy Greenland.

- Eighteen artists will demonstrate techniques in a wide variety of media, including basketry, Ukrainian egg dyeing, weaving, violin-making, paper marbling, collage, beadwork, ceramics and others. The schedule of demonstrating artists can be found on Page 26 of the Utah Arts Festival 1990 schedule of events.

- The festival's third annual fine art exhibit, "Exhibition 1990: Contemporary Works on Paper," will be in the Union Pacific Depot west of the Triad Center. Overseen by artist David Sucec, the exhibit will be open during festival hours.

Accompanying the exhibit will be gallery talks by Sucec (June 20, 5 p.m.); Mary Francey (June 21, 6 p.m.); Robert Kleinschmidt (June 22, 6 p.m.); David Baddley (June 23, 6 p.m.), and John Erickson, (June 24, 3 p.m.). All talks will be given in the Union Pacific Depot.

- Children will be delighted with the Lost Gardens of Atlantis. They'll be able to explore a shipwreck, see exotic fish, spot a real mermaid and create their own aquatic art.

- "Mythical Figures" is an appropriate name for Bonnie Sucec's environmental art. She is constructing three 16- to 20-foot-tall, colorfully painted wood structures. They'll "stand guard" near the Devereaux House.