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A man wanted for robbery in Kansas who was wounded by Wyoming authorities was released from a Fort Collins hospital Thursday, but no police officers were there to take him into custody.

Phaymany Nouansacky, 19, left Poudre Valley Hospital with relatives, en route to his parents' home in Ogden, Utah, where he might be admitted to a hospital for further treatment, said Mike Vogl, hospital spokesman."All of the agencies knew he was going to be discharged," Vogl said. "No one appeared today with a warrant for his arrest. It's a very unusual situation."

Nouansacky, 19, is the subject of one of the most unique legal battles authorities can recall - police agencies in at least two jurisdictions are interested in him but are attempting to distance themselves from the case because of an outstanding $40,000 hospital bill.

Nouansacky of Independence, Mo., is wanted for questioning in connection with the May 13 robbery of a restaurant in Lawrence, Kan.

Wyoming police officers stopped Nouansacky's vehicle two days later near Laramie and shot him three times after he brandished an automatic rifle, authorities said.

Albany County, Wyo., deputies transferred Nouansacky to the Fort Collins hospital since treatment for his head wound was unavailable at the Laramie facility.

His monthlong stay at Poudre Valley Hospital cost about $40,000, but hospital officials aren't sure which agency will be paying it. Nouansacky is paralyzed on his right side and is not fully cognitive.

Vogl said a bill for Nouansacky's treatment was sent to the Albany County Sheriff's Department in June, but the hospital hasn't received an official response from the agency.