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For numerous improvements during the past year, the Utah State Fairpark has won one of six Utah Good Neighbor awards presented by the Salt Lake Association of Community Councils.

Awards to the fairpark and five individuals were presented by Salt Lake City Mayor Palmer DePaulis at the Neighborhood Conference banquet.The Northwest Community Council nominated the fairpark for work on a number of projects, ranging from renovation of the Fairpark Grand and other State Fair buildings to planting of flowers and paving of parking lots.

"We are thrilled to receive the Good Neighbor award. We have planted trees, grass and flowers, painted buildings, paved the parking lots, installed soccer fields, restored the Fairpark Grand, etc. But all of these improvements wouldn't have been possible without help from the Friends at the Fair," said State Fair Director Jackie Nokes.

Other award recipients were Barry Esham of the Northwest Community Council; Evelyn Stricklin, East Liberty Park Community organization; Hermoine Jex, Capitol Hill Community Council; and Dodie Jones and LeeAnn Floyd of the Great Avenues Community Council.