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Thirteen Republicans would like to replace former Utah County Commissioner Brent Morris.

Four women and nine men submitted a letter of intent to county GOP Chairman Wayne Watson by Friday's deadline. The person selected will serve out the remainder of the year. Morris resigned to run for Congress, although he was eliminated from the congressional contest during Saturday's GOP convention.On Tuesday, the party's central committee will meet at Mountain View High School to narrow the list of Republican commission candidates to about six. Those names will be submitted to commissioners Malcolm Beck and Sid Sandberg.

If the commissioners are unable to agree on a replacement, then Gov. Norm Bangerter will make the selection. Beginning July 2, a weeklong open filing period will be held for people interested in running for the remaining two years of Morris' four-year term.

The 13 seeking Morris' seat are LaMar Adams, Bill Arseneau, George R. Compton, Mike Davis, Johanna Flynn, Keith Haines, Shirley Hardman, Gary Herbert, Mel Hudman, Michael Stansfield, Kay Thorenson, Carol Thorne and R.L. "Bob" Wright.