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Sherrie Delost has been installed as president of the Utah Pharmaceutical Association Auxiliary. The installation took place at the annual pharmaceutical convention in St. George.

Assisting the new president will be Hazel Perry, first vice president; Valeri Stewart, second vice president; Caroline Wray, recording secretary; Alice Esklund, treasurer; Christie Stone, historian; Diane Bachman, auditor; Dora Jeanne Elkington, corresponding secretary; and Carrie Jolley, parliamentarian. Fern Thompson and Lois Foster will share editorial responsibilities for the auxiliary's newsletter The Capsulette.Gay Ebert is the group's immediate past president.

The Utah Pharmaceutical Associatioin Auxiliary is a service organization dedicated to serving the people of Utah by sponsoring service projects in the health-care field.

This year's plans include the Festival of Trees, Salt Lake Detention Center projects, camp for diabetic children, Women Helping Women fund-raising drive, the Utah Chapter for the Prevention of Child Abuse and service to the local homeless shelters.