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The government of President-elect Ion Iliescu announced Tuesday the arrest of two more opposition leaders in its continuing crackdown on dissent.

The wife of another detained opposition figure sought refuge at the Dutch ambassador's home, and a Dutch official said, "We will not ask her to leave."Authorities appeared to be adopting a two-pronged tactic of talking to opposition groups while detaining their leaders. Foreign governments, including the United States, have criticized the way Romania has handled protests.

The Interior Ministry said Tuesday that it had arrested opposition figures Dumitru Dinca and Nica Leon, leader of the small National Democratic Party.

The two were being held as part of an investigation into the 53-day anti-government protest on University Square that club-wielding riot police broke up on Wednesday.

On Monday, authorities detained Marian Munteanu, a student leader severely beaten by pro-government miners last week. Munteanu was removed from his hospital bed to an Interior Ministry hospital on charges of instigating violence.

Wednesday's crackdown by police triggered rioting that ended the next day when coal miners called in by Iliescu cleared the city center, beating with clubs and iron bars anyone they suspected of being a government opponent.