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Tickets to Jazz basketball games are going up for the 1990-91 season, the team has announced.

The raise in prices will range from fifty cents (in the lowest price seats) to $2.50 (in the most expensive sections). Tickets that were $35, $30 and $25 will now be $37.50, $32.50 and $27.50.Tickets that went for $17.50 and $12.50 will increase to $19 and $14. The $7.50 seats will increase to $8.

"Ticket pricing is always a concern for us, said Jazz V.P. for Marketing Jay Francis. "We have always tried to be sensitive to ticket prices and to the needs of our individual fans. That's another reason why we are so anxious to get into the new arena next year, as we feel that once the new building is open, we will be able to offer more seating in price ranges that will be more affordable for the average family."