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The University of Oklahoma's athletic director says he would be willing to listen to Southwest Conference officials if they ask the Sooners to join their league.

Donnie Duncan told the Dallas Times Herald on Monday that it would be logical from a geographical and business standpoint for the SWC to look at his school if Arkansas leaves the conference.The Razorbacks said Monday they intend to seek information about the possibility of joining the Southeastern Conference.

"Our position in the Big Eight right now is very good,' Duncan said. "There's a lot of tradition and a lot of strong rivalries. But if Arkansas was to leave the Southwest Conference, Oklahoma should be the school that would come to mind."

The SWC's five-member committee will meet in Austin Wednesday to discuss the league's alternative.

Duncan said he has not had any inquiries from SWC officials about joining their league yet. But Duncan said he and Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds informally discussed such a possibility earlier this month during the NCAA basketball regional in Austin and again during College Football Association meetings.

Duncan said he is unhappy with the Big Eight formula for sharing football revenues.

"We should be compensated on worth," Duncan said.

The Big Eight divides proceeds from non-conference games among all members. The money is split nine ways, with the participating school keeping two-ninths of the proceeds. In the SWC, visiting teams receive a minimum guarantee of $125,000 for a conference game, with a maximum guarantee of $175,000.