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A Salt Lake County man apparently didn't figure on technology and a law officer with a good memory when he robbed a Radio Shack Friday.

The store, 4115 S. Redwood Road, has an automatic video camera that recorded the entry of a heavy male who threw a large rock through the store window and then kicked the window out with his foot, court documents and a sheriff's office report say.The man tried to grab something but failed. He knocked over a display table and apparently grabbed a VCR before leaving the store.

While viewing the video of the incident, an investigating officer recognized the robber as a man he had spoken with recently on a disturbing-the-peace investigation.

The officer instructed another deputy on the radio to go to the area where the disturbance occurred. A gas station attendant described a suspect vehicle, and a vehicle matching the description was found with a Radio Shack brochure next to it when the deputy arrived.

Officers obtained permission and went in the apartment, found a VCR and the suspect in the apartment, the report said.