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A misspelled word led investigators to suspect a black Emory University freshman faked racist threats she said she received, according to a police file released Friday.

Sabrina Collins has a habit of misspelling the word "you're" as "your," the same way it was misspelled in a death threat she said she received through campus mail, according to the file released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.The 19-year-old premedical student at the predominantly white school was hospitalized after she collapsed and became mute April 10. Her family said she had lifted a rug in her room and found the words "die nigger die" scribbled in nail polish on the floor.

The report ignited a campus controversy at a time of growing reports of racism at colleges around the country.

"Based on the circumstances, chain of events, case facts, evidence in the case and the interview (with Collins) . . . , in all probability Sabrina Collins was responsible for writing these racial remarks and threats herself," said an interview summary in the file.

Collins' attorney, James Howard, was not immediately available for comment Friday afternoon. He maintained in a statement Thursday that his client was not the source of the racial epithets in her dorm room.

"It is apparent that the person who inflicted this pain and suffering upon her is not only free to do it again but has succeeded in evading the investigation," the statement said.

GBI chief documents examiner Jim Kelly told investigators his analyses indicated Collins probably addressed the manila envelope that contained the death threat, according to the file.

The file said the typewriter used to type the letter is the same in the library where she worked, and `All identifiable fingeprints on the letter were Sabrina's fingerprints."