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A three-state advertising blitz has been launched by the consortium backing the coal-fired, 2,000-megawatt Thousand Springs power project proposed for northeastern Nevada, officials say.

William Holhut, president of Great Basin Energy - project manager of the $4 billion proposal - said the campaign will attempt to correct what backers believe were misconceptions voiced during public hearings on the plant."There were clearly some things that were misunderstood and taken out of context in the draft (environmental impact statement.) It was alleged that we would be a very dirty power plant, and we felt that we needed to make a statement that we were building one of the cleanest power plants in the nation," said Holhut.

As for the price tag of the campaign, Holhut said the consortium "does not publicize line-item expenses."

Ads promoting the power project have run in The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News in Salt Lake City and Ogden's Standard-Examiner. Similar ads have been placed in Idaho and Nevada newspapers, officials say.

According to regular advertising rates, the Thousand Springs promoters are paying an estimated $1,800 to $4,500 for each Utah three-quarter-page newspaper ad. But that rate could vary with special discounts, said an advertising sales representative.