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Six nominees, including two declared candidates, were selected Monday to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Davis County Commission when Commissioner William Peters leaves July 1 to take a seat on the state's Board of Pardons.

The county Republican Party's central committee met at Davis High School to nominate a slate of potential replacements. Remaining Commissioners Gayle Stevenson and Dub Lawrence will pick the replacement, who will serve the last six months of Peters' term.Two seats on the commission, the one being vacated by Peters and the expiring term of Lawrence, come up for election this fall.

The GOP central committee, made up of the party officers, chairman, and vice chairman from each voting district, wrangled for almost two hours at Monday's meeting over the question of whether the party's four commission candidates should be eligible for the temporary appointment.

Opponents said appointing one of the four could give that candidate unfair advantage in the September primaries. Those favoring the eligibility said it would be unfair or discriminatory to eliminate a nominee.

The committee eventually voted 50-37 to allow all four candidates to remain eligible, and two of them, Jack Bangerter and Ed Snow, who face each other in the September primary for one of the seats, were both nominated.

The two GOP candidates for the other seat, Blake Chard and Gerald Purdy, were also nominated but were not included in the top six.

Thirteen potential nominees expressed interest in the commission seat, with delegates whittling the list down to the six stipulated by state law.

Attorney Robert Rose was the top vote-getter with 75 votes, followed by Snow with 57 and Bangerter with 51 votes. Party secretary M. Karlynn Hinman received 55 votes, followed by Scott Nelson and Richard McKenzie, ex-mayor of Layton, with 47 each.