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Italy clinched first place in Group A Tuesday by defeating Czechoslovakia 2-0.

Italy was led by its two newest starters, Salvatore Schillaci and Roberto Baggio. Schillaci opened the scoring in the ninth minute, heading the ball home after Giuseppe Giannini mishit a shot into the penalty area. Baggio made it 2-0 after a superb solo run through three defenders in the 77th minute.The victory guaranteed Italy will play its second-round game in Rome.

West Germany 1, Colombia 1

The Colombians will be partying after pulling out a tie in the final seconds against West Germany. Freddy Rincon's whistle-beating goal set off wild celebrations by his teammates and Colombian fans.

"Tomorrow, we will have a party in Bologna," goalie Rene Higuita said after Colombia advanced to the second round of the World Cup for the first time.

For now, their hero is the quiet Rincon, who took a pass from Carlos Valderrama that put him in free on right wing. Rincon's shot slipped through the legs of goalie Bodo Illgner.

Yugoslavia 4, UAE 1

Yugoslavia had no trouble with the United Arab Emirates, appearing in its first World Cup. The Yugoslavs scored early and late, with Darko Pancev getting two of the goals.

"The most important thing is that we won and advanced," Coach Ivica Osim said. "We were the favorites, but we had to prove it on the field.