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Digital Technology International, one of the world's leading vendors of publishing systems, has signed an alliance with Treasure Chest Advertising Co., to jointly market electronic pre-press systems to Treasure Chest's retail clients.

Treasure Chest is the world's largest printer of retail advertising circulars and also is a major supplier to newspapers of Sunday comics, TV magazines and special supplements.Gary Binder, Treasure Chest's vice president of market planning and research, said his company evaluated a broad scope of electronic pre-press systems that would meet its clients' needs and allow Treasure Chest to interface effectively with those clients.

"Treasure was most impressed with DTI's ability to handle heavy graphics; their superior customer support, including training; maintenance and trouble-shooting; and the cost effectiveness of the DTI package.

Treasure Chest is in the process of installing DTI systems in all of its plants and is actively encouraging its clients to use AdSpeed for their circulars.