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The fourth Price Savers membership warehouse in Utah will open Aug. 4 at 6525 S. State in Murray, company officials announced.

Price Savers caters to business owners and operators who pay a yearly membership fee that allows them to shop at wholesale. Free memberships are available for affiliated credit union members and local government, federal, state and military employees and retirees.Members pay 5 percent more than the posted wholesales prices and they have the option to eliminate the 5 percent by purchasing a Pluscard, which is renewed annually. The company operates 15 warehouses in the western U.S. including stores in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo.

The new facility will cover 135,000 square feet and employ more than 200 full- and part-time workers. It will have 35,000 more square feet than other warehouse, which will allow new services.

New will be a bakery, on-site one-hour film developing and optical service departments. Each warehouse offers appliances, bulk foods, household goods, automotive supplies, electronics, office supplies, beverages, clothing and dairy products.