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A Texas Tech official said the Red Raiders are considering their options - including jumping from the Southwest Conference to the Big Eight or Western Athletic Conference - now that Arkansas is considering a move to the Southeastern Conference.

Another option, said Robert Sweazy, Tech's faculty representative to the SWC, "would be remaining with the remaining members and adding a couple of institutions and either calling it the Southwest Conference or creating a new conference."Sweazy said Texas Tech has not taken action toward any option other than remaining in the SWC.

Arkansas formally announced Tuesday that it will listen to an offer to join the SEC, and both Texas and Texas A&M have been courted by the league. Without Arkansas, Texas and Texas A&M, the SWC would be left with only Baylor, Houston, Rice, Southern Methodist, Texas Christian and Texas Tech.

Sweazy said he hopes the SWC can remain intact and even expand. But he said each conference school will have to protect its interests.

"You have to watch out for yourself because nobody else is going to be watching out for you, and so I think every institution must be thinking, `What if?' " Sweazy said.