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BYU basketball player Nathan Call is returning home to Southern California after suffering burns on his legs and right arm in Bolivia, where he was completing an LDS mission.

Call's father, Henry, said an explosion from an outdoor bonfire at a church activity last weekend at a remote location caused second- and third-degree burns on Nathan's legs below the knee and third-degree burns on his right arm. Henry Call was scheduled to fly to La Paz, Bolivia, today to bring Nathan home for treatment at the UC-Irvine burn center.Doctors told Henry Call that his son should be able to resume his basketball career following treatment and rehabilitation. A 5-foot-11 point guard, Nathan has two years of eligibility left; he could redshirt this season if he needs more recovery time.

BYU Coach Roger Reid recruited Paul Thompson from New Mexico Junior College to compete with Call for the starting job this season, following Marty Haws' graduation. Call's brother, Burt, just completed his senior season as an outfielder with the BYU baseball team.