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chico the parrot is at the center of a custody battle - not necessarily because he's lovable but because he inherited $18,000 from his owner. Ellen Bengston left almost her entire estate to her feathered friend when she died last year. Chico has been roosting at the home of Clinton, Iowa, Humane Society manager Margaret Swank, but Swank wants $50 a month from the bird's trust fund to pay for food and upkeep. Harold Bengston, the owner's brother and the bird's trustee, has balked at the request. He said he knows of a couple willing to keep the bird for free. Swank said she did not know about the trust fund when she began taking care of the large green parrot and would be "devastated" if the bird were removed because it has become part of the family. Chico dances to music, laughs and only swears "when he's really excited," Swank said. A probate court will decide the bird's fate.