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The Air Force has awarded Thiokol in Utah a $5.5 million missile contract add-on, Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, announced Wednesday.

"This contract is an add-on to the Peacekeeper (MX missile) program, which currently calls for the construction of 12 Peacekeeper motors each year," Hansen said."The money will be used for a rayon component requalification program, which will require at least one additional Peacekeeper motor to be built in the coming year."

Hansen said the add-on provides a measure of security for existing jobs.

"It's ironic that at a time when the doomsayers are predicting a loss of jobs at Thiokol, new work continues to come in," he said alluding to charges from the Democratic opponent for his congressional seat, Kenley Brunsdale, that Hansen is not fighting for jobs at Thiokol.

"People who spout half-fact and half-fantasy only succeed in getting people unnecessarily upset and in the long run do a disservice to continued economic growth in our communities. Thiokol is and will be an important and vibrant part of northern Utah's economy," Hansen said.

Brunsdale has said he worries that NASA moving construction of space shuttle motors from Thiokol in Utah to a new government plant in Mississippi by 1995 will cost 4,000 jobs in Utah and charged that Hansen has not fought the move.