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Seventy-six students graduated from Provo Adult High School Wednesday, the largest graduating class in the program's history.

Provo School Board member Mossi White praised the graduates for reaching an admirable goal."I hope you are leaving with a great love of knowledge and learning, and I hope you leave with a solid faith in your own ability to succeed," White said.

She encouraged the graduates to find alternate ways to reach goals rather than letting obstacles turn them away.

"My wish for you as you leave is that you will set goals high and not let them go," White said.

Ron Riding, director of the adult high school program, said "graduation represents a door opening to each one of you."

Some will use the diploma to go on to college, others to get a better job while some graduates will find satisfaction in being able to say `I did it,' Riding said.

"Don't stop," Riding said. "Go on learning. You can do it if you want to."

Graduate Emmanuel Remy praised God for helping him overcome drug and alcohol abuse and a manic-depressive disorder before being able to complete high school course work.

"I was lost in my life," Remy said. "I had no hope, no solution. God had mercy on me, reached down and helped me out."

Rachel Clark told her fellow graduates to "keep on learning, no matter how old you are."

Clark said she is grateful there are colleges in the state that help people finish high school.

Diana Harper described her determination to gain a sense of esteem by losing weight - 197 pounds - and receiving her high school diploma.

"Tonight's graduation is an example of what determination is for us," Harper said. "I hope we can be an example to others and help them with their desire to succeed."

Diplomas also were presented to graduates of the Nebo School District adult high school program.

Carol Hansen performed "Rites of Kildare" and "Black Nag" on the hammer dulcimer during the ceremony.