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Two Salt Lake police officers were injured by a man who fought their attempt to arrest him and grabbed hold of one of the officer's guns.

Officers Barry Larsen and Joe Schirle responded to a disturbance call Sunday near 500 South and 500 East. The officers tried to talk to a group of about 10 people and asked them to keep the noise down when one of the men "became enraged" and attacked Larsen, police said.When Schirle attempted to assist, the officer said the angry man lunged at him and locked both hands on his gun, according to a police report.

Officers managed to restrain the man, but not before Larsen received "serious hand and head injuries" from the struggle. Schirle also suffered injuries. Both were taken to St. Mark's Hospital where they were treated and later released.

A 29-year-old Salt Lake man was booked into jail for assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and interfering with a peace officer.