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Here is a tentative schedule over the next few days of major events for South African black nationalist leader Nelson Mandela's visit:

New York:Thursday, June 21 - Harlem motorcade. Rally at Harlem State Office Building. Meeting with black journalists. Fund-raising rally at Yankee Stadium.

Friday, June 22 - Address to U.N. General Assembly followed by news conference. Private meetings with anti-apartheid activists.


Saturday, June 23 - Meeting with high school students. Lunch at John F. Kennedy Library. Public rally at Esplanade.

Washington, D.C.:

Sunday, June 24 - Meetings with African National Congress members, South African exiles and African diplomats.

Monday, June 25 - Meetings with President Bush, Secretary of State James Baker and AFL-CIO Executive Council.

Tuesday, June 26 - Meeting with Congressional Black Caucus. Speech to joint session of Congress. Meetings with congressional leadership. Evening rally at D.C. Convention Center.