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Robert F. Stahmann, former chairman of the Department of Family Sciences at Brigham Young University, will direct a national commission on accreditation for marriage and family therapy education.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) in Washington, D.C., announced the appointment."Dr. Stahmann is an outstanding scholar and practitioner, internationally respected for his career as a marriage and family therapy educator," said Mark Ginsberg, executive director of the AAMFT. "We are very pleased with his appointment."

In addition to this national recognition, the Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapists named Stahmann the Marriage and Family Therapist of the Year in May.

He joined BYU in 1976 and served as a professor and chair of the Department of Family Sciences. He now serves with the Comprehensive Clinic at BYU.

Stahmann, who lives in Orem, earned his undergraduate degree in political science from Macalester College in Minnesota and his master's and doctoral degrees in education psychology from the University of Utah.

He is a widely published author/lecturer on professional counseling and marriage and family therapy.