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Crews continued to clean up a crude oil spill in Parleys Canyon that occurred when a tanker truck loaded with 700 barrels of "yellow crude" rolled on I-80 about five miles from the mouth of the canyon.

The accident occurred about 5:55 a.m. Thursday after the truck drifted off the right side of the road and then overcorrected, causing it to skid several hundred feet on the gravel shoulder and roll off the north side of the road."It's still not clear what caused the accident," said Utah Highway Patrol trooper Allan G. Coffman.

The driver of the truck, Leo Davis, age and address unavailable, was taken to University Hospital with scrapes and bruises and was listed in good condition. The truck belonged to Koch Services Inc. of Wichita, Kan.

A passer-by from Summit County with an oil pumper truck stopped to help crews from the UHP, the Utah Department of Transportation and the Salt Lake County Fire Department contain the crude oil, which was leaking from the triple tanker at the rate of about three gallons per minute.

"We're glad he showed up," Coffman said. "Without him, there would be some concerns about environmental damage, and there would have been delays in getting people up here to contain it."

Crews built a dike just below the wreck, creating a reservoir of crude oil that was then pumped into the waiting truck. It was expected to take until about noon to empty the tankers of oil and remove the wreckage from the highway.

The tanker was carrying the same type of crude oil that caused a spectacular explosion at the mouth of Parleys Canyon several years ago. But Coffman said there was little danger of explosion in this particular accident.