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Summer is just starting on the calendar, but it's already been summertime for weeks in the world of TV.

It's that rerun time of year, when viewers complain that there's nothing new on the tube. Of course, the networks must ask themselves why they bother to put anything new on, because viewers ignore the first-run offerings in favor of the retreads.Last week's ratings were dominated by reruns. The only first-run show in the Top 10 was "Seinfeld" (tied for ninth), and that ranking has to be largely attributed to the fact that it followed the No. 2 show - a rerun of "Cheers."

What about the other new series episodes? Well, "Sydney" was 40th, "Singer & Sons" 47th, "The Dave Thomas Comedy Show" 54th, "Equal Justice" 56th and "Brewster Place" 60th.

The debuts of the new prime-time game shows "Super Jeopardy!" and "Monopoly" were 63rd and 64th on the list, respectively.

As for other new programming, the NBA Finals did OK but not great for CBS. Game 4 was 13th, Game 5 was 14th and the Game 5 postgame show was 26th.

(Do you suppose they're at all nervous over at NBC after spending an exorbitant sum to take the NBA away from CBS?)

For the week, NBC was No. 1 with a 10.4 rating and a 20 share, CBS was second at 9.7,/19, and ABC was third at 9.3,/18.

Each ratings point represents about 921,000 households, and a share is the percentage of TV sets in use that are tuned to a particular show.

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SAME OLD NEWS: It was pretty much the same old story in the battle between the three network newscasts: ABC was way out in front with a 9.2 rating and a 20 share; CBS a distant second at 7.8/18; and NBC third at 7.5/17.

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THE FINAL (AND FATAL) FIVE: 80. "Alien Nation" (Fox); 81. "21 Jump Street" (Fox); 82. "The Outsiders" (Fox); 83. "Open House" (Fox); 84. "The Tracey Ullman Show" (Fox).