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Congressional candidate John Harmer says his first-place finish in delegate voting at the Republican convention is more important than an endorsement from incumbent Howard Nielson.

"I received the greatest endorsement a candidate can ask for at the Republican state convention June 16 when I received more delegate votes than any other Republican candidate in the 3rd District," Harmer said.Nielson, R-Utah, on Thursday endorsed Harmer's primary election opponent, former state Sen. Karl Snow.

"In this next election, the only endorsement that really counts is the endorsement of the people of the 3rd District, and I am confident that I will receive it Sept. 11," Harmer said.

Harmer and Snow emerged from Saturday's convention with 200 votes and 175 votes, respectively.

Snow may get support in the primary election from those satisfied with the status quo, but "my support comes from those who wish to return to fundamental values, to government accountability and (who) want new leadership that is not subject to special-interest powers that have stifled our economy for so long."