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Nine visual-arts booths at the Utah Arts Festival have been selected as this year's award winners. Best-of-show awards were captured by David Hutchinson (booth No. 25), Briant Matheson (No. 69), Dean Petaja (No. 59) and June Rettig (No. 64). Booths receiving honorable mention were Chule's (booth No. 30), Lucy Fairchild (No. 1), Karin Jordan (No. 10), Diane Terry (No. 70) and Jim Tuttle (No. 51).

Judging of the booths was based on quality of work as well as originality of presentation. Booths by invited and returning artist and artist-of-the-day were not eligible for awards.This year's jurors/judges included Kerri Buxton, ceramist; Richard Christenson, Deseret News' visual arts writer; Martha Klein Haley, fiber artist; and John Neeley, ceramist and educator. This year's visual arts booth coordinator was Heidi Ferguson.

Utah Arts Festival continues through Sunday, June 4.