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A Holladay man, who police allege visited a day-care center dressed in a diaper and baby clothes, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he violated two city ordinances.

Thomas C. Gambles, 25, pleaded not guilty to charges of perversion, a Class B misdemeanor, and trespassing, a Class C misdemeanor, before 3rd Circuit Judge Eleanor VanSciver Thursday.Gambles' defense attorney made a motion to dismiss the charges against his client. The judge will discuss the motion during a hearing on July 9 at 2 p.m. If she declines to dismiss the case, a trial date will be set.

The charges stem from a May 8 incident when a man entered the Wee Care Children's Center, 1161 W. 2320 South, wearing a pink dress, a bonnet, bloomers and a diaper and carrying a binky that squeaked. The man also brought baby food and a baby bottle.

Employees said the man, who stayed at the day-care center for about two hours, often had his hands in his diaper.

The man was permitted to enter because employees had earlier received a call from someone claiming to be an official at the University of Utah who said the man was being sent over to do penance for cheating on a test.

Following media reports of the West Valley incident, several other day-care and convalescent centers in Salt Lake and Davis counties reported the same man has visited their facilities.