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A reminder of one's advancing age may not necessarily be tactful, but for Leslie D. LeRoy, 84, and Lawrence W. Hardy, 71, such a reminder prompted them to return to full activity in the Church and be sealed to their wives in the temple.

The admonition to the two brethren came several months ago, when Bishop Gerald Carroll of the Eufala Ward, and Pres. Ned P. Jenne of the Dothan Alabama Stake, were visiting the less-active in the area. When the leaders failed to find Brother Hardy at home, they chanced to pass by the LeRoy home, and found the two men chatting on the porch."We visited with them for about 45 minutes, and really committed them to do the things they needed to do to get back into the Church," said Pres. Jenne. "We reminded them that they were getting old, and they needed to prepare themselves."

The boldness paid off.

The two men prepared themselves to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, and in May were sealed to their wives in the Atlanta Temple. Annie Elizabeth LeRoy and Edna Ruth Hardy have been active in the Church all their lives.