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A former employee of West Jordan physician Robert C. Davis has filed a federal lawsuit saying she was subjected to "severe and pervasive sexual harassment" and wrongful termination.

Betty Colleen Miner filed the suit in U.S. District Court Wednesday.Miner contends that her refusal to have sex with Davis was a motivating factor in the termination of her employment with Family Medical Center, which occurred in October 1989. Another factor in her termination was that she refused to participate in Davis' efforts to obtain unwarranted and unlawful payments from Medicare and other insurers, the complaint states.

Miner also says that Davis has repeatedly harassed her, threatened her and her children, made derogatory statements to prospective employers and made threatening phone calls to her residence - all in order to cause her severe emotional stress.

Davis was acquitted in February of an assault charge Miner filed against him in West Jordan Justice Court, as Judge JoAnn Rigby ruled there was not enough evidence to support the complaint.

And in May, Salt Lake County dropped rape charges against Davis. The physician faces a state licensing hearing in October after officials handed down a petition alleging Davis willfully made false statements on hospital records and medical records, overcharged government agencies and insurance companies and acted in a sexually inappropriate manner with patients and staff members.

Miner is asking for a jury trial and is suing for $2,250,000, including lost wages, attorneys' fees and punitive damages.