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The fence has long been a part of American tradition. Unfortunately, part of that tradition includes long hours of upkeep, maintenance and eventually replacement. But not anymore. PVC fencing allows today's homeowner to own an attractive fence without worrying about painting, rotting, rusting or replacement.

Commonplace in Europe, PVC fencing was first introduced to America in the early 1980s. The PVC material is a high quality and extremely durable vinyl compound composed of resin and additives. The fencing unit is then installed properly by professional fence dealers, and the end result is a fence that adds elegance, beauty and stature to your home without the maintenance hassle.PVC products do not rust, peel, chip, fade or ever require painting. In fact, Bufftech, a manufacturer of quality PVC fencing and garden specialty products, produces every piece of PVC material with high retardant ingredients designed to prevent discoloration and provide durability. Bufftech offers more than 10 different fence designs including ornamental, privacy and traditional picket style fences, all protected by a 20-year non-prorated warranty. In addition to fences, accessories for the backyard and garden are available in the PVC material including picnic tables, trellises, arbors, mailbox posts and gazebos.

PVC fencing allows homeowners to forget about upkeep and maintenance. For more information on PVC fencing, call Bufftech's consumer hotline number 800-333-0569. Or write Bufftech, 2525 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14225.