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Edward Keith Zwahlen, age 65, died June 17, 1990 in Santa Clara, California. Born September 15, 1924 in Castle Dale, Utah, a son of Joseph and Viola Petersen Zwahlen. Graduated from Davis High School and attended the University of Utah. Worked for Bell Helicopter in Vietnam and Iran. Worked for PSA Airlines. High Priest in the LDS Church. Survived by three sons, two daughters, David Zwahlen, Kent Zwahlen, Mrs. Kaye Francis, all Salt Lake City; Lee Wynn Zwahlen, Mary Linh, both Santa Clara, Calif.; eight grandchildren, two brothers, three sisters, Lyle Zwahlen, Margaret Mackay, Barbara Lambert, all Salt Lake City; Kenneth Zwahlen, Modesto, Calif.; Mrs. Leola Jensen, Ferron, Utah. Funeral services were held in Santa Clara, California on Saturday. Graveside services will be held Tuesday, 11 a.m., Castle Dale Cemetery, Castle Dale, Utah. Under the direction of McDougal Golden Rule Funeral Home.

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