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Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian and three other University of Nevada-Las Vegas officials appeared before the NCAA Committee on Infractions Saturday in an attempt to end the 13-year battle between the groups.

Tarkanian, school President Robert Maxon, Athletic Director Brad Rothermel and University Consul Brad Booke met with the committee for 21/2, Booke said. But even that lengthy appearance will not likely result in a final ruling for "a matter of weeks," he said."We'll have to wait to see what they decide."

The two sides are attempting to settle the 13-year-old legal battle involving Tarkanian, which started in 1977 when the NCAA placed the UNLV basketball program on probation for two years for recruiting violations.

It also ordered the university to suspend Tarkanian for two years. UNLV served the probation, but Tarkanian fought the suspension all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, which, in a defeat for Tarkanian, ruled that the NCAA, as a voluntary organization, did not have to provide due process to its members.

In January, attorneys for the NCAA and Tarkanian worked out the financial stipulations of the case, which would required the UNLV coach to pay a judgment of $21,000 to cover court costs in addition to his own legal fees, estimated at $340,000.