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Here is how David Moore, NBA writer for the Dallas Morning News, projects the first round of Wednesday's NBA draft:

1. NEW JERSEY (17-65)

NEEDS: The Nets need a new coach. They need a new attitude. They need a lot more than one pick will bring.PICK: Derrick Coleman, Syracuse 6-10, 235 pounds. The Nets will begin their slow crawl back to respectability with this pick. Coleman is a power player who has the flexibility and shooting range to be used at small forward on occasion.

2. SEATTLE (41-41)

NEEDS: The Sonics need someone to establish an inside game. This is also the year to pick up a point guard, and Seattle can use some help there.

PICK: Gary Payton, Oregon State, 6-4, 190. Seattle has interviewed 20 players, which most general managers find strange since the team has the second pick. Payton, however, appears to be the choice if the Sonics don't move back in the draft or make a deal for a center.

3. Denver (43-39)

NEEDS: The two mainstays of the Nuggets' attack - Alex English and Fat Lever - won't be back next season. This team is undergoing a major overhaul.

PICK: Dennis Scott, Georgia Tech, 6-8, 229. Scott will flourish in Doug Moe's system. Even if Moe is dumped by the Nuggets ownership, this is the player to take.

4. ORLANDO (18-64)

NEEDS: The Magic need a center but are reluctant to select Dwayne Schintzius. Who can blame them?

PICK: Chris Jackson, LSU, 6-1, 170. Many think Jackson will either hit it big or flop. If the Magic mull it over and decide not to take the risk, look for them to take Willie Burton.

5. CHARLOTTE (19-63)

NEEDS: Other than new ownership, which won't be addressed in this draft, the Hornets have a crying need for a center. But then, they have a crying need for just about anything.

PICK: Felton Spencer, Louisville, 7-0, 265. A solid player who has improved every year in college and is not as big of a risk as Schintzius. Selecting Spencer will allow the Hornets to move J.R. Reid to forward, where he belongs.

6. MINNESOTA (22-60)

NEEDS: The Timberwolves need scoring. They also need less friction between coach Bill Musselman and director of player personnel Billy McKinney on how to build the team.

PICK: Kendall Gill, Illnois, 6-5, 200. A tough player that Musselman should like. Gill and Pooh Richardson would give the Timberwovles a solid backcourt for the future.

7. SACRAMENTO (23-59)

NEEDS: Say what you will about coach Dick Motta, he has proven he can build a winner from scratch. The backcourt will be a good place to start.

PICK: Travis Mays, Texas, 6-2, 190. Those who know Motta are convinced he will take Mays over Rumeal Robinson. If the Kings swing a deal with Dallas for the 14th and 18th picks, look for them to take Lionel Simmons at this spot and hit the backcourt with their next two picks.


NEEDS: The Clippers need to go through a season without a key player suffering a major injury. History says it won't happen.

PICK: Bo Kimble, Loyola Marymount, 6-3, 197. The Clippers don't expect guard Ron Harper to return from his knee injury until just before the All-Star break. Kimble could make the wait bearable.

9. MIAMI (18-64)

NEEDS: This team has done a good job of building. They need height but are smart enough to take the best player.

PICK: Willie Burton, Minnesota, 6-6, 203. A swingman who can score and will help take the pressure off Glen Rice. He is a steal at this point.

10. GOLDEN STATE (37-45)

NEEDS: The Warriors have solidified their backcourt in the last two drafts. Look for them to shift their emphasis up front.

PICK: Dwayne Schintzius, Florida, 7-1, 293. There appears to be some sentiment for Alec Kessler at this pick. But coach Don Nelson will pull the trigger on Schintzius and hope he can get him to perform.

11. ATLANTA (41-41)

NEEDS: The Hawks need an outside shooter to stretch the defense. They also need to get rid of center Moses Malone, but that's another matter.

PICK: Rumeal Robinson, Michigan, 6-2, 195. Not the ideal pick for Atlanta, but he's too good to pass. Robinson's selection should allow Glenn Rivers to earn a few more mintues at shooting guard.

12. HOUSTON (41-41)

NEEDS: The Rockets want to move up to improve their backcourt without breaking up their front line. Good luck.

PICK: Dave Jamerson, Ohio, 6-5, 191. A bit of a reach at this spot. But the Rockets need outside shooting and appear to be leaning in this direction.


NEEDS: The Clippers don't really need this pick if they keep No. 8. Packaging both picks for a veteran guard such as Sacramento's Danny Ainge is a distinct possibility.

PICK: Tyrone Hill, Xavier, 6-10, 243. If the Clippers keep both picks and go guard early, they have to move to the front line here. Hill would be the best available.

14. DALLAS (47-35)

NEEDS: The Mavericks could use some insurance up front. They could also package this pick with the 18th and ship it to Sacramento for Rodney McCray.

PICK: Lionel Simmons, LaSalle, 6-8, 210. The only reason Simmons would slip this far in any scenario is that most of the teams in the top 13 don't need a small forward. If the Mavericks still own this pick - and they won't - Simmons is the choice.


NEEDS: The Heat should be able to go big with this pick. A rebounder would be appreciated.

PICK: Loy Vaught, Michigan, 6-9, 230. Guess what? Vaught could be just the rebounder the Heat needs.

16. MILWAUKEE (44-38)

NEEDS: The Bucks need to strengthen their frontcourt. They also need to lay the groundwork for the day center Jack Sikma retires.

PICK: Alec Kessler, Georgia, 6-11, 235. The Bucks have some interest in Jerrod Mustaf. But then, they probably didn't think Kessler would be available.

17. NEW YORK (45-37)

NEEDS: The Knicks can use some depth behind Patrick Ewing. An outside shooter would also be welcome.

PICK: Duane Causwell, Temple, 7-0, 240. Scout Marty Blake rates Causwell as the best center in the draft. It will take him time to develop but going against Ewing in practice every day should accelerate the process.


NEEDS: Once again, frontcourt help. Once again, look for this pick to be traded.

PICK: Jayson Williams, St. John's, 6-10, 240. If the Kings wind up with this pick, look for them to surprise some people and go with Kansas guard Kevin Pritchard. Otherwise, Williams is a talent who watched his stock drop in his senior year because of a fractured right foot.

19. BOSTON (52-30)

NEEDS: The Celtics need youth and atheltic ability. They also need a favorable court ruling that will allow them to keep guard Brian Shaw away from Italy.

PICK: Dee Brown, Jacksonville, 6-1, 161. A lot of teams like Brown. He could help give the aging Celtics some push.


NEEDS: The Timberwolves helped themselves in the backcourt with their first pick. Look for them to help themselves up front here.

PICK: Alaa Abdelnaby, Duke, 6-10, 240. Any team with Tod Murphy and Brad Lohaus should be able to find a place for Abdelnaby. A smart player who won't make many mistakes, which is a Musselman prerequisite.

21. PHOENIX (54-28)

NEEDS: The Suns want someone to step in and keep the game at the same, frantic pace when Kevin Johnson takes a rest. They could also use a banger up front.

PICK: Vernell "Bimbo" Coles, Virginia Tech, 6-1, 172. A point guard who looks to create first - often for himself - and pass second. He should be perfect.

22. CHICAGO (55-27)

NEEDS: Veteran depth is the Bulls biggest need. Any scoring off the bench would help.

PICK: A.J. English, Virginia Union, 6-5, 185. Chicago has shown a penchant for small college talent. English could be the latest in a long line - and he can put up the points.

23. UTAH (55-27)

NEEDS: The Jazz are still a big, plodding team. They need quickness and scoring ability.

PICK: Gerald Glass, Mississippi, 6-5, 229. Utah must find a forward who can give them some points off the bench. Glass can do that better than anyone left.

24. SAN ANTONIO (56-26)

NEEDS: The only thing the Spurs need is to make sure David Robinson doesn't get hurt. Everthing else should take care of itself.

PICK: Anthony Bonner, St. Louis, 6-8, 215. A nice pick for a team that has everything. Bonner is a good rebounder who could give the Spurs some extra muscle up front.

25. PORTLAND (59-23)

NEEDS: The Trail Blazers' one weakness may be their lack of outside shooting. A backup guard is likely.

PICK: Brian Oliver, Georgia Tech, 6-4, 211. Portland may try to obtain Ainge from the Kings. If that doesn't work, Oliver has a chance to move in as the third guard.

26. DETROIT (59-23)

NEEDS: This team has won two straight titles. Whoever the Pistons pick won't play a vital part in their drive for a third.

PICK: Jerrod Mustaf, Maryland, 6-10, 244. Mustaf is a fine talent who needs time to develop. The Pistons can afford to wait.


NEEDS: The Lakers will just have to wait and see who slides this far. Quickness at guard is one thing on the shopping list.

PICK: Lance Blanks, Texas, 6-4, 195. Outstanding athletic ability would allow him to fit right in on this team. Someone needs to be in place once Michael Cooper retires.