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Jose Canseco, activated Saturday by the Oakland Athletics after missing 14 games with a back injury, is close to becoming the highest paid player in baseball history.

Canseco was in the A's lineup for Saturday's game against the Chicago White Sox.On Friday, Canseco indicated he was close to signing a new deal with the A's. "We're very close," he said.

When asked if the two sides had agreed to a dollar amount of the contract, Canseco said, "Yes. It's down to minor details."

Canseco would not comment on the specific figure or the length of the deal, but when asked if he would be the highest-paid player in the game, he said, "That should be the obvious."

The National sports daily reported in its Sunday editions that Canseco would a recieve a five-year contract worth $23 million, making him baseball's first $5 million per year player.

Currently, New York Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly is the highest paid player with a $19.6 million, five-year deal.