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Recreation opportunities in the Fishlake National Forest, in national and state parks and in other areas in south-central Utah are outlined in four new publications.

A 16-page tabloid, titled "The Central Utah Adventure Guide," has been produced by the Fishlake National Forest and the Garkane Power Association, containing feature stories related to the Fish Lake Basin, Capitol Reef National Park and the Fremont Indian State Park. It suggests visitor activities in several state parks, on Bureau of Land Management lands and in the Fishlake National Forest.Contributing to the guide and preparing it were Seona Brown, Larry Theivagt and Andy Godfrey of the Fishlake National Forest; George Davidson, Capitol Reef National Park; Ken Kohler, Fremont Indian State Park; and Matt Creamer, Garkane Power Association.

The Fishlake Forest supervisor's office has a brochure and a mini-map that shows locations of forest campgrounds, roads and points of interest. It welcomes visitors to the forest and describes various types of available recreation.

Forest Supervisor Kent Taylor said a second partnership with the Sevier Travel Council resulted in the publication "Mountain Bicycle Trails on the Fishlake National Forest." It describes 21 rides in seven areas of the forest designed to accommodate cyclists ranging from beginners to professionals.

A special publication for visitors to the Fish Lake Basin describes the history, recreation, trails and wildlife of the area. It was written and published by Gloria Johnson, a Forest Service summer employee.