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Peace Corps volunteers assigned to remote villages in the Philippines have been recalled to Manila because of threats from communist guerrillas, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Victoria Middleton said an advisory was issued to 261 Peace Corps volunteers in remote areas to leave their posts and stay in the capital "until further notice."Ambassador Nicholas Platt issued the order last weekend but delayed the public announcement for security reasons, said Stanley Schrager, director of the U.S. Information Service.

He said no decision had been made on when the 261 volunteers would be allowed to return to their posts in rural areas.

Schrager said the embassy had received a report that Peace Corps volunteers had been added to the target list of the New People's Army, which has been waging a 21-year insurgency to establish a Marxist state.

"This became an issue because recently we received information suggesting that Peace Corps volunteers may be targets of political violence by the NPA," Schrager said.

He refused to identify the source of the report but said the embassy took it seriously.