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Bo Kimble's victory in the One-On-One Challenge tournament won't make him No. 1 in the NBA draft.

What his $100,000 paycheck in the inaugural event may have proved to scouts is that he won't back away from anyone."There's a lot of one-on-one in the NBA, and whatever scouts were here now know I can play against anybody, any size," the 6-foot-5 Kimble said.

Kimble defeated 6-2 Travis Mays of Texas and two All-Americans, 6-7 Lionel Simmons of La Salle and 6-4 Gary Payton of Oregon State to win the One-On-One Challenge.

Combined, Kimble's three opponents were 26-for-62 from the field and 10-for-38 from 3-point range.

"The big doubt about my game was defense, and I hope I showed that Bo knows defense," Kimble said. "I want people to know I like to compete and play defense."

Kimble outshot and outmuscled Payton to win 30-23 in the final of the single-elimination tournament, which had seven eight-minute games.

Payton had an advantage with an extra few minutes of rest while Kimble was beating Simmons 34-30 in the semifinals.

But Kimble showed no signs of fatigue, making four 3-pointers early in the game for a 14-5 lead.