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The Pioneer Park bandstand is finally going to get a face lift.

The City Council, at the urging of council member Ben Porter, has appropriated $10,000 from the council budget to help renovate the worn-out structure, which is approximately 60 years old. That money will be combined with $5,000 in community development block grant federal funds and $10,000 the council had previously set aside for repair of the bandstand.The base of the bandstand will be removed, and the remaining structure will be placed on a concrete pad. The pillars and roof then will be renovated. LeRoy Dennis, director of parks and recreation, estimates the project will cost $22,500.

The bandstand was built in the 1920s with money raised by the Retired Professional Women of Provo. Pioneer Park, at 500 West and Center Street, was the site for city-sponsored concerts for many years. The concerts began attracting more people than the park could handle and were moved to North Park, 500 N. 500 West, some years ago.

Since then, the bandstand has been used only two to three times per year.

The council has wrestled for the past three years over what to do about the bandstand, which in its present condition is considered a liability and a safety hazard in addition to being an eyesore.