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An Ogden police detective has been convicted in Layton's 2nd circuit Court of driving under the influence of alcohol.

After the jury returned the verdict, Judge K. Roger Bean gave James Polokoff a suspended 90-day jail sentence, ordered him to serve 32 hours community service in lieu of jail time, fined him $400 with an additional $260 in fees and assessments and placed him on probation for 12 months.The judge stayed the implementation of the sentnece at the request of defense attorney Brian Florence, pending an appeal.

Layton police officers testified, reluctantly, that Polokoff, of Roy, asked them to extend him "professional courtesy" and not arrest him the night of Jan. 19.

But the officers were instructed by their supervisors, they testified, to treat the case the same as any DUI.

Although they were instructed to treat the 12-year Ogden police veteran's arrest the same as any other, Layton police Sgt. John Lybbert testified that Polokoff was issued a DUI citation instead of being formally arrested, fingerprinted, and booked into the Davis County Jail.

Polokoff told the jury he'd had a few beers the night of Jan. 19, estimating the number he consumed at fewer than five.

According to police testimony, Layton patrolman Bob Price pulled Polokoff over for speeding, clocking him at 68 mph in a 55 mph zone. Polokoff also had an open container of alcohol in his car, Price testified.

After asking Polokoff to perform the standard field sobriety tests, officers testified, he was taken to the Layton police station, and a breath test measured his blood alcohol content at 0.14. The legal limit for intoxication is 0.08.

Ogden police officials have not publicly stated what effect the conviction will have on Polokoff's status with the department, other than indicating it will be reviewed. The review could be put on hold pending the outcome of an appeal, they also said.