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A woman trying to kill a raccoon on her rain gutter may have nearly shot a person working nearby.

According to a Salt Lake police report, a neighbor told a woman on Wasatch Boulevard Saturday about 9 a.m. that she had a raccoon on her window sill.When they went outside to try to capture the creature, they noticed it on a rain gutter with a second raccoon.

The woman went inside and got a .22 semiautomatic pistol and fired three shots at the raccoons, killing one. A neighbor clubbed the other raccoon to death with a rake.

Meanwhile, a man working at a nearby house for a lawn-care company heard the shots, then heard an unspecified noise that passed above him, the report said.

The woman was cited for firing a gun inside the city limits, and the gun was seized.

Senior Animal Control Officer, Sgt. Shon Hardy, said the best way to handle such a situation with wildlife is to call his office or the Division of Wildlife Resources. "The very worst thing you can do is pull out a weapon and shoot them (the animals)," he said.

Although raccoons and other animals can be a nuisance for residents, he said trained animal experts can capture them or offer other solutions to solve the problem. Anyone who kills non-game animals could face fines and penalties for doing so, he said.