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The master of special effects now says he's frighteend of new technology. Producer-director Steven Spielberg told a gathering of reporters that technology is suddenly threatening the artistic integrity of all movies and TV.

"We are terrified of technology," said Spielberg, whose films (including "E.T.," "Back to the Future" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") are noted for their use of high-tech effects."The technology is such today, and will be even more (so) . . . in 10 years, that they will truly be able to replace actors in existing movies, continue the backgrounds and all the action and all the shots and put other actors in their places."

Added director Barry ("Rain Man") Levinson, new techniques will soon allow owners of movie prints to "alter all aspects of film. You can replace actors' heads and you can put new actors in . . . You can ultimately change the dialogue that is used. You can alter the content of (any) film."