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Deseret News outdoor specialist Ray Grass has been awarded a first prize in the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers & Photographers writing contest. Grass's article on "Ghost Boats," published in the Deseret News in June 1989, was judged best in the Newspaper Article division. The story detailed a Green River float trip in replica boats of the original John Wesley Powell excursion.

Two Wyoming writers, Jim Ottman and Tom Bishop, placed second and third, respectively.Grass, who has been covering the outdoors for the Deseret News for 15 years, also placed third in the Newspaper Column division for his column titled "Sportsmen Alone Shouldn't Have to Pay for Mutton's T-Bones." The editorial dealt with the issue of grazing rights on public lands.

Since 1983, Grass has won six first place awards in the annual contest.

Another local outdoor journalist, photographer Mel Davis of Salt Lake City, placed high in this year's contest. Davis won both first and second place in the Scenic Division for 35-millimeter photography.